Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Report Cards and Conferences

Well, it's official! I've turned into my Mom. I was kind of suspicious a few months ago- but now I have confirmed it. Yesterday the boy brought home his first ever report card. It's funny because in kindergarten they do not, apparently, give letter grades. A teacher conference is scheduled and they send home your copy of the report card with your conducts and PE grade. He received a complimentary comment from his homeroom teacher and a great big S (for satisfactory) in PE. Our conference is scheduled for tomorrow and we will be meeting with his cluster teachers (3 of them).
As my husband and I looked over the report card-the thought of every movie parent looking at their childs report card crossed through my head.
I also thought about my mom. All those years of looking through our report cards. I wondered if she felt the same anxiousness that I did when I opened the envelope and took it out- and the same amount of pride that I did once I saw that he had good marks. I am sure that she did- as every other parent taking interest in things that their child can accomplish would. It was a good feeling- although purely selfish- to know that this little person that you created together- is out there doing things on his own- and being recognized by others for it.
I know that there will be other report cards down the road that may have some things in it that we will not be too thrilled with, but that is the trip...good and bad. I know that we will always be proud of the boy's accomplishments- no matter what they are and no matter how big or small.

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figmomm said...

I don't remember exactly the first time I opened a report card, since you are the older your was of course the first one, but as the years went by I never doubt for a minute that the grades were going to be good, any one of you, I enjoyed every single minute of the school activities and programs with all of you and always preached, I still do,about the importance of having an education and becoming someone in life. I think the main thing I did, and I wasn't there along, papi and mami were there for you guys too, specially papi, was to support you guys and go along with every thing you decided to do, as long as I was reasonable and honest. That was mi secret raising all of you, looking back now I thing I did a pretty good job and mostly on my own which makes me very proud of you all and myself, with special thanks to mami and papi for all the years of care and dedication. I'm very sure you two are going to be that kind of parents for the boy and the girl, there is nothing to it but a lot of fun. Just be there every step of the way to check, advise and guide and you will see what a rewarding experience is to grow with your kids.