Monday, December 15, 2008


In full holiday swing here in Tally!

Last night, the kids' teachers came over and we decorated gingerbread people and ate dinner together. Afterwards, we decorated the tree (finally! -since it had been up for over a week with nothing hanging off it except the lights- and that is because it's pre-lit!). Christmas sure snuck up on me this year! I still have a few more items to buy and then it's the wrap a thon!
Tomorrow night is the Christmas program at the pre-school, last week we made the angel wings and the shepherds hats and now I have to order chicken dinners for about 125.
Seems like every night this week we will have an activity and then it will be Christmas next week. The kids are overly excited and my DH and me are just exhausted already.

I think we all need to be grateful to be here and for what we have, as there is always someone who is worse off than we are. Peace and love to all!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Whew! I have been trying to get back here for the last couple of days and have not been able to.
Everyone at home has been either experiencing or coming down with the Christmas crud! I have been trying to shake this thing since Thanksgiving weekend and the crazy weather we have been experiencing here has been oh so helpful!
This weekend was chock-a-block with Christmas excitement. On Saturday morning we went and had breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus. At first my son would not go over to talk with Santa and dug in his heels while chanting- NONONO...but once we got him up there and we all sat with Santa for a great pic...he changed his tune. So much so- that we were almost reported for Santa Stalking! C.I. went back up there by himself about 5 times, one time just to talk with Santa because he was alone, another time to tell Santa he loved him, then to take him some food and finally to give him a cookie that he had decorated so Santa could eat it on his break!
My husband says he was just working Santa for presents- I thought it was really sweet!
We also went to the Winter Festival and this year was the best parade ever! Floats, people in costumes and every entry in the parade was decorated for the holidays! Way to go Tallahassee!!
Sunday was spent cleaning and putting up the tree and trying to commune with the cats so that they will not eat or knock it down while we are at work and school during the day. Then last night we went to church to see their Advent Lessons and Carols performance. It really put me in the holiday mood! The choir was awesome and the lessons were great- reminding us of what the season is really about.
This week it is back to the reality of the daily grind. Work, meetings, school program preparations and PTO duties.
We are in the midst of transition a very important vendor at work and if I make it to the new year I will be greatful!
Until the next time- hope everyone out there is making the most of the season with their family and friends!
Wishing you all very merries!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the begining....

It's Monday. The long holiday weekend in over and everyone is finally in bed and asleep. This is my first post, so it might not be the most exciting....I am married, great husband, 2 kids, I work full time, am the president of a professional association, the PTO at the preschool and volunteer for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life among other things.
Sometimes, I wonder if there are enough hours in the year to do it all- my mom laughs- but I manage it pretty well.
The kids are great! They are funny and beautiful and I have to say that it is miraculous to me to look at them and see what kind of people they will become as their personalities are so different, yet they are so alike.
Work is work, but daily it is a wild ride. A little over 6 years ago, I became a public servant, and it certainly has been something else!
I will ramble on about quite a few things here, kids, parenting, marriage, finances, the economy, work, politics, religion...all the good stuff!
But, this will have to be it for now. Until later, ta ta boys and girls- if I do not go to bed now, tomorrow I will be a grumpy person!