Monday, November 2, 2009

New Federal Hate Crime Law

So, advocates for disabled persons and GLBT groups were cheering new provisions signed into law by President Obama last week. In Florida penalties were already harsher than in other states if you could prove that the crime was indeed a hate crime. There are still loop holes in the provisions, which leads me to ask the question....why do we need to sign in a new law about this?
Has society completely lost it? Do we all not have adequate home training? What are some of the basic things you learn as a child?
I remember that my mother always told us that if you had nothing nice to say- then don't say anything at all. I think she picked that up from Bambi's Thumper---but it was always good advice. Word or actions are things that you really cannot take back. Once they are out there...they are there.
And you learn early on that you do not hurt others because they are different. The whole idea is ridiculous. Persons commiting these crimes, know deep down that what they are doing is WRONG! So- why do we have to spend tax dollars and time on this?
I think that the world would be a much better place if we started thinking about others and not just ourselves. After all- what are we possibly going to leave behind for our children and their children, and their children's children?

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