Monday, December 15, 2008


In full holiday swing here in Tally!

Last night, the kids' teachers came over and we decorated gingerbread people and ate dinner together. Afterwards, we decorated the tree (finally! -since it had been up for over a week with nothing hanging off it except the lights- and that is because it's pre-lit!). Christmas sure snuck up on me this year! I still have a few more items to buy and then it's the wrap a thon!
Tomorrow night is the Christmas program at the pre-school, last week we made the angel wings and the shepherds hats and now I have to order chicken dinners for about 125.
Seems like every night this week we will have an activity and then it will be Christmas next week. The kids are overly excited and my DH and me are just exhausted already.

I think we all need to be grateful to be here and for what we have, as there is always someone who is worse off than we are. Peace and love to all!

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